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We have 52+ Years of Work Experience, 27 Years of Government
Experience, 37 Years of Sales and 49 Years of Management Experience.
We will supply whatever Firearms/Ordnance, Chemical Munitions,
Explosives, Tactical Gear and Accessory Needs your Agency requires. We
provide Large backup gensets worldwide by Khonaysser Power FZE. We
are a Full Line Dealer including a Class I, Type 71 National Firearms Act
Firearms Importer with SOT. We are a verified KENTUCKY business
establishment in possession of a Type 11 Importer of Destructive Devices,
Federal Firearms License (FFL) and a Type 26 Federal Explosives License
(FEL). We are in compliance with all International, Federal, State and Local
laws governing the purchase, ownership, possession, sales and use of
Firearms/Ordnance, Chemical Munitions and Explosives.

We hold Certification under the United States/Canada Joint Certification
Program (JCP). As an FFL Firearms Dealer, we are a SDVOSB Verified
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, HUBZone Certified
Historically Underutilized Business Zone Business, DBE Certified
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, SBE Certified Small Business
Enterprise and MBE Certified Minority Business Enterprise. We are a
Defense Strategies Distributor with SIG SAUER. We are also a distributor
for ALS LESS LETHAL and SABRE Defense among others. We provide
Personal Protective Equipment thru our distributorships with Point Blank
Enterprises, Damascus Worldwide, Paulson Manufacturing, HESCO and

All of our OTC sales or transfers, are preceded by an FBI NICS
background check unless you hold a current & valid KENTUCKY CDW
LICENSE. All Internet Firearm sales Must go to an FFL dealer only. All
prospective firearms purchasers must fill out a federal ATF Form 4473 and
submit proper I.D. Prior to initiating a firearm sale or transfer.

We are open By Appointment Only. If you purchase a firearm out of state,
let us be your Ship To: store. Low rates for transfers.

As a firearm purchaser and owner, you are responsible for compliance with
all Federal, State and Local laws governing the purchase, ownership,
possession and use of firearms. Never purchase a firearm for someone
who is not permitted to purchase one for himself. A “Straw Purchase”, being
a purchaser or attempting to purchase a firearm for another person,
knowing that the person is not permitted to possess a firearm, is a Federal
Crime punishable by Ten (10) years in prison.

We are looking forward to meeting you and servicing all your firearms/
ordnance, chemical munitions, explosives, tactical gear and accessory
needs. Let us help you with your Sporting, Hunting, Defense, Work,
Leisure, Construction and Educational needs. We also carry clothing,
uniforms, tactical gear, safety and training equipment, generators & light
towers, Portable Heaters, cellphone and computer laptop protection,
bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, chemical munitions, grenade
launchers and many other items.

We are a full line dealer. If we don't have it listed, tell us about it and we'll
try to carry it.

Our full inventory is not listed online. Do you need Medical Supplies? Go to
North American Rescue at https://www.narescue.com and let us know what
you need. What about Communications headsets? We are a Silynx
Communications Dealer, go to https://www.silynxcom.com I also sell
clothing! Go to Rothco.com find what you want and let us know what it is.
All I need is a Rothco Item Number. How about Law Enforcement Gear?
Batons, Restraints, Tactical Lighting, Personal Safety, Pocket Tools, Power,
RED GUNS, Training Gear, Lifestyle Gear or BLUE LINE PRODUCTS? We
are a dealer for that as well.. Need Specialty 50BMG ammunition? Contact
us for pricing. We carry HSM https://hsmammunition.com and Engel
Ballistic Research Inc. https://ebrammo.com Ammunition.

Do you Need a cellphone or laptop cover? Belkin, Body Glove, Case-Mate,
Element, Griffin, Ideal of Sweden, Incipio, Kate Spade, Under Armour,
Lifeproof, Magpul, Nimbus9, Otterbox, Pelican, PopSocket, Puregear,
Scooch, Skech, Sonix, Speck, Spigen. How about wireless charging 
stations? Let us know what you like. How about a bluetooth speaker?
Braven, House of Marley, Jabra, Jam, Scosche, Mifa Speakers.

Time to get yourself something special!

If you don't see it here Call or Email and tell us exactly what you want and
we'll do our best to find it. We can't give you a quote on weapons that may
run the gamut from $200 - $9,000 depending on the brand and how you
want it dressed out. Do your Due Diligence and know what you want so
that we can assist you in getting that special purchase. If you want a
custom AR15, 1911, SBR, We are a dealer for an Excellent KY
Manufacturer, DoubleStar https://star15.com we'll be happy to give you a
quote. We are a dealer or distributor for many brands. Don't hesitate to
request a Quote!

We've had inquiries about a CCDW Permit Class. Please go to Rhinox
Research Group and speak to Aaron McGahee. He is a Certified USCCA
Instructor and can provide you Outstanding CCDW Training and Classes.
For information on Classes contact him at:


There you will find information on classes available that have been verified
by the Class offering Company. We receive nothing for referring you to this
company, except the satisfaction that you our potential customer can get
your class when you need it without having to wait.

We have launched a new product for your consumption as a
Governmental, Law Enforcement, Military and similar needs. We have the
SDRS SKIPS DEFENSE RIOT SHIELD presently available in two different
sizes 36” H x 20” W x 0.15” Thickness 6 lb. SDRS3, and the 48” H x 24” W
x 0.15” Thickness 8.5 lb. SDRS4. Just like many other non-civilian items
that we provide, these are Restricted. Government Restriction This item
is available for sale to Military, Law Enforcement, Registered Security
Agencies, Accredited Schools teaching Riot Control, FFL’s with SOT for
NFA and similar entities. Documentation required may include a Purchase
Order on department or institution letterhead and additional certification
forms. Certain federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations may apply.


Thank you for your consideration and Thank you for visiting our
eCommerce Store!

KeOliver R. 'Skip' McCall, 33? AASR, PHA



Monday - Saturday By Appointment  +502-931-3172