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Policies & Procedures for SKIPS DEFENSE SOLUTIONS

Terms and Conditions

We do not accept trades as partial payments. All sales are final. All firearms sold can only be shipped to a Valid FFL holder. We cannot ship to certain international destinations. Optics and firearms that are defective are covered under all manufacturer's warranties. Dealing with the manufacturer directly will yield the quickest results.



On Returned Checks and Credit/Debit Card Chargebacks, you will be charged a $50.00 NSF or Chargeback Bank Fee. We accept Credit Cards and Debit cards. Credit/Debit Card Refunds take 10-15 days. We have no control over this. It may take less time but the turnaround time is 10-15 days.


Sales Tax

We are required to collect sales tax on all sales in Kentucky, and for Kentucky residents. If you are ordering online we are not required to collect Sales Tax for any other State.



We accept returns, however there is a 25% restocking fee based on the MSRP of the item regardless of what you purchased the item for. The item must be in the same package from the manufacturer and include any and all incentive gifts, accessories, warranty, paperwork including rebate forms, if any, that came with the item. There are no returns on Firearms, and frames, Ammunition, Powder & Other Propellants, Primers, Bullets & Other Projectiles, Closeout & Clearance Items, Scopes and optics, Loose or unpackaged magazines. SKIPS DEFENSE SOLUTIONS reserves the right to limit or decline returns or exchanges. All firearms/ordnance, ammunition and accessories are brand new unless otherwise specified and are covered under manufacturer warranty. No Returns or Refunds after three (3) days. All returns must be Authorized with an RMA number, customer pays freight/shipping to the specified destination accompanied with a sales receipt.



Military, Masonic and LEO Discounts are 10% from MSRP, available with valid ID Card. Discounts do not apply to Special Sale Items, Price Matches, Already discounted items, Shipping/Freight, Taxes or Fees.


Out of state transfers

Please make sure that you can pass the NICS before you purchase and have a firearm shipped to a Valid out of state FFL Dealer. All out of state transfers must have the purchase price paid in full before an item can be shipped. There are No refunds for your inability to pass the FBI/NICS Background Check at your Valid FFL Dealer where you had the firearm shipped. Shipping and handling are fees above and beyond the sales price, of which, there are no refunds. 


Transfer from out of state FFL Dealers

The transfer fee for delivering the firearm(s) to you once any legal requirements have been met are $25.00 per firearm for handguns, or handgun components and $35.00 per firearm for long guns, or long gun components, $50 for SOT/NFA items. The fee is for EACH item that you have shipped to me, so to save money, ONLY SHIP what you want to pay a transfer fee on. Ship your accessories to yourself. Only the person in whose name the firearm was shipped in, may finalize the paperwork to pickup and transfer the firearm or component. No, a relative may not do it for you. Please don’t ask. No refunds for your inability to pass the FBI/NICS Background Check.


Purchase Currency

All transactions must be completed in U.S. Dollars. We accept Credit/Debit Cards in person and you can use Paypal as well.



All purchases must ship to the billing address unless a separate shipping address is stipulated on your PREPAID Purchase Order - NO EXCEPTIONS! Firearms can only ship to your Valid FFL Dealer or Authorized Governmental Entity. Buyer to obtain from the Valid FFL Dealer that they want the firearm shipped to, a copy of the Dealers Valid FFL and their email - or - have the Valid FFL Dealer email a copy of their license to: Shipping from us, will be by the most economical method. Please request a freight quote prior to ordering if required. All orders will be charged freight. Many of our products are HAZMAT and as such carry additional fees. Insurance to cover your purchase is an additional charge and will be added to protect your purchase. We want you to actually receive your purchase and enjoy it! Firearms sold by us are not an offer to ship the firearm to any jurisdiction where its sale is prohibited by law. Because of legal restrictions, some firearms may not be available for purchase in your location. Always have full knowledge of your State and Local Gun Laws before attempting to order or purchase a firearm.



Delivery times are based on typical agency quantity requirements. Product Tier 1 (T1) items will ship within 7 business days, Tier 2 (T2) items within 24 business days. Tier 3 (T3) are ATF regulated items or special build items and are only shipped after receipt of required ATF approvals or manufacture, which is normally within 5 to 7 weeks of order placement. All orders are shipped complete. Should you require or request a partial shipment, there may be additional freight costs that would be incurred at the customers cost. HAZARDOUS SHIPPING RATES APPLY TO MOST PRODUCTS. Please call 502-931-3172 should you require a freight quote.



All in person, face to face orders require a 75% deposit of the MSRP before an order can be placed. Once placed the deposit is non refundable. All orders must be paid in full within three (3) days of your notification that your order has been placed. Special circumstances Must be brought to managements attention before the three (3) days have expired. Special circumstances are on a case by case basis and the ruling by management is final. By virtue of your placing an order you agree to abide by this policy. Items not paid in full and picked up will be placed into inventory and sold and your deposit will be lost. All online orders must be Paid in Full before they can be shipped. FET Exemption Certificates should accompany all orders, unless otherwise communicated by SKIPS DEFENSE SOLUTIONS. All orders placed without a FET Exemption Certificate will be charged Federal Excise Tax. No refunds for your inability to pass the FBI/NICS Background Check.


International Orders

Purchases sent outside the United States may be assessed local taxes, duties, etc. upon arrival. The shipping firm that delivers the package may likewise impose additional brokerage fees or other surcharges as part of the customs and tax process. The recipient is responsible for paying all duties, taxes, fees, and international costs. Please review your countries import laws and fees before placing your order. If a shipment is lost, abandoned or you refuse a shipment due to the local taxes or duties not being paid, SKIPS DEFENSE SOLUTIONS will not issue you a refund for your order. Orders can be delayed due to verification or time of order being placed. Orders may be delivered in separate shipments.



Repairs may or may not be done “in-house” because we want to assure that your repairs are done properly and quickly. The emphasis will be on “Properly” so please be patient. All repairs must be paid in full within three (3) days of your notification that your repair has been completed. Special circumstances are on a case by case basis and the ruling by management is final. By virtue of your placing a repair order you agree to abide by this policy. Items not paid in full and picked up will be sold for damages.



Pricing is subject to change with or without notice. If pricing changes, this does not constitute a refund to the buyer due to a sale or price reduction we initiated, regardless of when you purchased the item. Skips Defense Solutions does our best to price our products at market value. As the market changes so does our pricing. We are not obligated to honor a price that is in print or an error. We reserve the right to adjust product prices as dictated by the market.


Product Warranties

All new firearms and accessories are warranted by their respective manufacturers ONLY. All repair and replacement work will be honored by them. All firearms we sell are BRAND NEW IN BOX (unless otherwise stated) and HAVE FULL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTIES. We will work with each customer to ensure that they are able to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty, but we do not warranty sales items ourselves. Ordnance, Chemical Munitions, Explosives, Optics and Firearms that are defective are covered under all manufacturer's warranties. Dealing with the manufacturer directly will yield the quickest results.



We spend an enormous amount of time, energy and money in an attempt to keep abreast of state and local gun laws and restrict sales accordingly. However, with well over 20,000 laws on the books, new legislation being passed and no concise source for this information, this task is extremely difficult if not impossible. 


It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that you can legally purchase a firearm. No refunds given to buyer in the event they can not complete the transaction or if the firearm is not transferable. We do not sell firearms, ammunition, and  high capacity mags to the following locations: California (no hi cap mags, no ammunition), Maryland (no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), Connecticut (no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), Washington DC (no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), New Jersey (no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), New York (no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), Colorado (no hi cap mags) and Cook County, Illinois (no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition). The exception to the rules are Governmental Entities.


Thank you. We hope to have a long and lasting relationship with you as we service your firearms/ordnance needs.


KeOliver R. ‘Skip’ McCall, 33? AASR, PHA


Monday - Saturday By Appointment  +502-931-3172